Trocadero Capital Partners invests alongside the founders, managers and BPI France in the acquisition of Tropical Forest Park. Trocadero Capital Partners signs a new sponsorless transaction and the 20th investment of the Trocadero Croissance & Transmission II fund.

Tropical Forest Park Group was created in 1998 with the Guadeloupe zoo buyout, led by Angélique et Franck Chaulet. In 2008, the French Guyana zoo and the Balata Garden were added to the Group and finally in 2014, the oldest building in Martinique, the Latouche House was bought in order to set up a new zoo.

More than 400,000 visitors each year are coming to see a 100 animal species and the lush vegetation of the zoo gardens. The group operates 3 of the 4 most visited attractions in Martinique and Guadeloupe. The management intends to capitalize on this leadership to expand the activities (with both new animal species and attractions) and through selected acquisitions.

Angélique and Franck Chaulet, Founders of Tropical Forest Park declare: “We are proud and very happy to have such famous new shareholders, that will certainly bring us expertise and know-how. A special thanks to our key managers who demonstrate their commitment investing at the same time. With such a good team, Tropical Forest Park expect to keep growing and showing the best of the French West Indies. “

“We are delighted to support two passionate founders and their management team; who have established their group as one of the national reference in terms of animals well-being and respect. As a key player in its sector, Tropical Forest Park should benefit from the dynamism of its management and the current growth of the French West Indies. », underline Benjamin Fougerat and Loïc Jouan of Trocadero Capital Partners