Trocadero Capital Partners is pleased to announce the 6th investment of the Trocadero Croissance & Transmission III fund in BIG Success, an integrated communications group (€13 million turnover, 80 employees, 350 clients) alongside its management team.

The 6 managers associated with the group’s orders now hold 100% of the capital after having bought the shares of the co-founder Mr. Jean-Paul Tréguer.

The operation had been prepared for a long time and the buyback of the shares went very smoothly. This is rare enough in the world of advertising agencies to be worth noting. The 6 partners have worked together for many years and have established an exceptional relationship of trust and fluidity of collaboration.

Each partner is complementary to the others, the takeover only confirms already well-established missions: Sophie Dando in the media, Marion Bouillaguet in creation, Maeva Moreau in customer service, Olivier Robert in digital and development, Jean-Marc Segati in strategy and general management, Rodolphe Muller innovation and chairmanship.


Jean-Paul Tréguer, co-founder of the group:

“I am very happy to pass the torch to the wonderful Dream Team of associates with whom we have built the group over the past 17 years. And even more delighted with the choice, very rare in the communications industry, to remain 100% independent entrepreneurs. I will, of course, continue to help the group develop in the future. “

The group is now even more solid, through the support of Trocadero Capital Partners and thanks to the advice of two investment banks specializing in mergers and acquisitions, Largillière Finance and Smart-Entrepreneurs.

BIG Success group is thus well armed and well surrounded to go on the offensive and prepare for external growth operations, as it already did in 2019 with the acquisition of a majority stake in the company Brioude Internet ( search pioneer in France), now headed by Yannick Socquet.


Rodolphe Muller, President of BIG Success:

“It’s a new entrepreneurial adventure that begins. The 6 of us are very excited to continue to grow together this group that we saw born 17 years ago. In Trocadero Capital Partners, we have found a partner who resembles us and who will, I am sure, help us take another step forward. I look forward to it. “


Benjamin Fougerat, Managing Director of Trocadero Capital Partners:

“Jean-Paul Tréguer has created a recognized agency with BIG SUCCESS. He has surrounded himself with talented associates and it is only natural that they are taking over today. We are very proud to support this team of entrepreneurs in this new stage of growth “.



Created by Jean-Paul Tréguer as Rodolphe Muller in 2004, Big Success is an integrated communications group: advertising agency, space buying, SEO specialist, crowdsourcing platform, Amazon and marketplace expert. Audiovisual and digital core business.

Dedicated to advertisers who want creativity in sales, return on investment and smart solutions to better achieve their goals. Big Success democratizes access to the mainstream media and guarantees a “low cost, high quality” service.


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