The shareholders of Scalian gave an exclusivity to the Belgian holding Cobepa in a majority buy-out transaction.

Located in Toulouse, Scalian is an IT Services company (specialized in data & performance, critical and information systems and digital systems) also providing strategy consulting. Managed by Yvan Chabanne, the Group grew at strong pace since the buy-out in 2015 through both internal growth and strategical acquisitions (notably Alyotech and CMT+). From €75m in sales in 2015, Scalian reached a €190m turnover this year.

Trocadero Capital Partners provided a mezzanine financing for the 2015 buy-out transaction. The fund structured a new financing in 2016 for the acquisition of Alyotech.

The deal closing should occur in the first quarter of 2019 and would secure the 6th disposal of the fund Trocadero Croissance & Transmission II with an excellent return.

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