As owner Tofane Global completes its acquisition of NOS International Carrier Services and

  • Boosts iBASIS size with an additional 141M€ in revenue (in 2019)
  • Drives iBASIS’ share in Mobile services to represent a third of its total activity
  • Secures long-term partnership for NOS international wholesale and retail voice, SMS, IPX services, and mobile data
  • Validates TOFANE’s traction and fast-paced execution of its wholesale carve-out model

iBASIS, the leading provider of communications solutions for operators and digital players worldwide, confirms today that its owner, Tofane Global, closed its acquisition of NOS International Carrier Services (NOS ICS), a subsidiary of NOS, a leading communications and entertainment group in Portugal.

In 2019, NOS ICS recorded revenue of 141M€. The company will be consolidated under iBASIS, boosting its size, reach, and innovation. iBASIS also confirmed it will be the long-term preferred partner for all NOS international wholesale and retail voice, SMS, IPX services, and mobile data.

The deal strengthens iBASIS’ footprint in Portuguese-speaking markets including Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, East Timor, Macau, Sao Tome, and Principe. iBASIS will service NOS’ 130 SMS and 80 voice customers, adding over 2 billion minutes annually to its international voice traffic. The transaction also reflects iBASIS’ strong development on mobile services, which now represent a third of its total activity.

“Our pace completing the NOS ICS acquisition illustrates two key developments. First, our carve-out model is gaining traction, with our position in both global traffic and revenues continuing to rise and exceeding all expectations. Second, we can witness the performance and value-add our customers are achieving through the 18-month consolidation course of our acquisition journey – which in turn, further accelerates interest in our business model,” comments Alexandre Pébereau, iBASIS CEO and founder of Tofane Global.

“Today marks a new step in NOS’ growth path. While we achieve more efficient and economical voice and mobile international operations, NOS is able to focus and grow its core business. We will extract the highest value from Tier 1 access and economies of scale while also maintaining independence vis-a-vis larger players,” adds Manuel Ramalho Eanes, NOS Executive Board member. “We look forward to our partnership with iBASIS in the coming years as we continue to drive quality, performance, new services, and innovation.”

iBASIS’ carve-out model enables operators and digital players worldwide to better manage the complexities of the international voice business by delivering competitive and predictable pricing, future proofing network upgrades, and mitigating cost, profitability, and quality risks while providing faster time to market for new international services.