The cleaning operator refinances its senior debt and mezzanine. This operation marks the end of the mezzanine investment led by Trocadero Capital Partners.

In September 2014, Stéphane Payan and Carlos De Moura were taking the company over with Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners (EdRIP) and Trocadero Capital Parters’ support. Europ Net is a former subsidiary of SAMSIC Group.

After less than two years and thanks to a strong development (through both internal and external growth), the Group’s operational result almost doubled. The shareholders decided to refinance both senior debt and mezzanine.

This refinancing allows a total disposal of Trocadero Capital Partners’ investment in Europ Net. EdRIP keeps a minority stake in the Group while Mr. Payan and Mr. De Moura significantly increase their stakes.

About Europ Net: Europ-Net is specialized in cleaning operations towards premium clients and French Republic’s buildings. It intervenes exclusively in the Paris area (Ile-de-France), mainly at headquarters, monuments, palaces and private schools. The company holds an important client portfolio and is benefiting from prestigious references in these sectors (LVMH, French Parliament, Bristol Hotel…) which also serve as prescribers.