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Trocadero Capital Partners backs Cathay Capital in Smart AdServer’s buy out

Smart AdServer is a leader in Europe in the ad tech industry dedicated to mid-size premium publishers (Le Monde, Die Welt, El Mundo, etc). The company develops a technological platform offering multi-format (web banner, rich media, video) and multi-device (desktop, smartphone, tablet) software. It currently has two product lines supplied under SaaS solutions: –    Ad… Reads more »

Logidesign reshapes its capital structure

Created in 2003, Logidesign is specialized in the conception, sourcing and marketing of furniture towards traditional distributors as well as e-commerce players. Its know-how is based on its capacity to offer innovative products in time-to-market and its client service operational excellence. After having founded and developed Logidesign, its founder organized its operational succession, backed by… Reads more »

Trocadero Capital Partners accompanies Eurogiciel’s transmission

Founded in 1989 by Daniel Benchimol, the Eurogiciel Group is a challenger on the IT services market. Strategic partner of big European industrial companies, it has built its competitive advantage around three core activities : ETOP International, Project Management Consulting Firm, Equert International, Quality Management Consulting Firm, Eurogiciel Ingénierie, system engineering consulting for highly complex… Reads more »