Trocadero Capital Partners

Partner of choice of European small and medium-sized companies

Trocadero Capital Partners stands by European SMEs to support their growth and contribute to their transmission.
The accumulated experience over the years allows its seasoned team to be recognized by its investors for its know-how in financing projects and companies.
Based on this expertise, we accompany talented management teams in their ambitious growth plans.

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Trocadero Capital Partners is pleased to join the “Initiative Climat International (iCI)”

Trocadero Capital Partners is pleased to join the “Initiative Climat International (iC International - iCI)” endorsed by the UNPRI in order to be part of the Private ...

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Our values

For more than 10 years, we have done our best to be true with our values, that we share with our investors and entrepreneurs we support.


IndependenceOur independence strengthens our analysis and our choices in investment process as well as in the follow-up of our investments.


TransparencyTransparency creates a trusting environment, prerequisite to everybody's achievement.


ResponsibilityWe believe that everyone's success lies before all in the respect of all the people we work with.


EntrepreneurshipOur entrepreneurial spirit provides us with an excellent understanding of the challenges faced by managers.