Smart AdServer is a leader in Europe in the ad tech industry dedicated to mid-size premium publishers (Le Monde, Die Welt, El Mundo, etc).

The company develops a technological platform offering multi-format (web banner, rich media, video) and multi-device (desktop, smartphone, tablet) software. It currently has two product lines supplied under SaaS solutions:

–    Ad serving solution: technical solution to store and display the ads on the publisher’s webpage when loading, according to a variety of criteria ;

–    Supply-Side Platform (SSP): new way to sell inventory through a programmatic platform (i.e. criteria are set in advance and transactions are occurring in real-time) – similar to high frequency trading on financial stock markets.

With more than a hundred employees in 10 countries, the Group realized a €14.0m revenue in 2014.

Thanks to Cathay Capital international presence, the Management wish to pursue a strong development abraod, China and United-States being two important markets to penetrate. Management’s ambitions also rely on strong R&D developments for programatic advertising and video.