With its stylish products, original identity and most of its production based in Italy, La Fée Maraboutée benefits from a strong reputation worldwide.

Since its creation, the company has proven to be a wonderful success-story. Its development has further increased since 2010 with the arrivals of Jean-Christophe Astruc and Thierry Pérusat, both Managing Directors alongside Jean-Pierre Braillard (in a Buy-in Management Buy-Out operation).

At the end of 2012, the company had achieved nearly €46.0m in sales of which 80% in wholesaling and 20% in retail, with 35% sold abroad. Since 2010, the turnover has grown by 36%.

Maïré Deslandes, co-head of Silverfleet Capital’s Parisian office, who led the operation alongside her partner, Alexandre Lefebvre declares: “In spite of the adverse economic environment which affects the consumer’s purchasing power, we were seduced by the brand’s fundamentals, the great style for value and by the client’s fidelity, in France and abroad.

Alexandre Lefebvre adds: “The complementary Management team including Jean-Pierre Braillard, Jean-Christophe Astruc and Thierry Pérusat is guaranteeing La Fée’s strong business-model. We are convinced that the company can still grow thanks to this Management team.”

Thierry Pérusat, CEO declares: “Since our arrival with Jean-Christophe, we have been living a wonderful adventure. The three of us are pleased to be able to continue it, helped by a paneuropean partner such as Silverfleet Capital which owns the required financial means to accompany our ambitions.”

Jean-Christophe Astruc adds : “Silverfleet Capital has immediately understood La Fée Maraboutée’s business model and the features that made its success, particularly the long-standing clients relationship established by the company with its suppliers, its multi-brand partners, his affiliates and franchisees.”

The mezzanine financing was arranged by Trocadero Capital Partners and subscribed by 123Venture.