Partnership with Ecotree

For several years, Trocadero Capital Partners has been taking into account SRI (Socially Responsible Investing) criteria in its investment process. Beyond the fundamental and financial analysis of SMEs that we conduct, these extra-financial criteria matter a lot in terms of brand image and added value. As a matter of fact, a firm’s SRI practices often translate into better performance in the long term.

When considering an investment, Trocadero Capital Partners includes three dimensions:

  • an environmental dimension: the company activities’ direct or indirect impacts on the environment;
  • a social dimension: the company activities’ direct or indirect impacts on third parties, relative to universal values (human rights, international labour standards, corruption, etc.);
  • a governance dimension: the processes, regulations and laws that have an impact on the way the company is managed. This includes the relationships that the company maintains with its shareholders and its Board of Directors.

To go further in its commitment, Trocadero Capital Partners decided to help its investments in their SRI approach by formalizing a partnership with the company Ecotree.

Ecotree is specialized in sustainable development. The company’s mission is to reward ecological awareness in an innovative way by offering cost-effective solutions for investing in tree planting in France.

Hence, depending on the company’s progress in terms of SRI criteria (collectively defined with the Management and the help of a specialized firm – INDEFI -), Trocadero Capital Partners offers them trees every year. These trees come as a reward for actions taken and will be accounted as assets in their balance sheet, so that they can improve their carbon impact. See below the map of already offered trees.

This system supports the conviction that Trocadero Capital Partners carries to the companies it invests into: financial performance and responsible approach are closely tied. Besides Trocadero Capital Partners is a signatory of the « Principles for Responsible Investment » chart ( This initiative was launched by the United Nations to promote the adoption of better SRI practices by investment professionals.

How it works ?

Trocadero Capital Partners buys the trees and the companies become the owners of the trees

Ecotree assumes the planting and the maintenance of the forests

The expected return of the trees is 2%

The investments can see the location and the value of the absorbed CO2

They receive 100% of the revenues generated by the tree cutting

In concrete terms ?

Forêt de Luthenay