Trocadero Capital Partner is delighted to have completed this transaction alongside the 6 main partners, joined by 4 key executives who took over the Strategy Consulting and Data-Science activities of Equancy.

Equancy is an independent consulting firm created in 2000 by Jean-Paul Lafaye, and have been managed by Charlotte Weill since 2010. The group employs more than 100 consultants in France, in India and Dubai, and provides their clients with an integrated service combining Strategic Marketing and Data-Science. Its team comprises engineers and data analysts.

The group supports Key Accounts clients (CAC 40 groups and sectorial leaders) in their growth strategy, from its framing to its implementation. In this way, the group can leverage its sectorial expertise and data science. It has concentrated its activities on 5 core businesses: bank & insurance, automotive & mobility, retail & e-commerce, tourism & entertainment, and consumer goods & services. Its projects are organized around four fields of expertise:

– Strategy consulting

– Technology and data

– Customer experience and services

– HR transformation

Furthermore, Equancy stands out by an internalized R&D department led by Hervé Mignot, Chief Data Scientist, combined with Didier Richaudeau’s team, in charge of Data-Driven Practice. They work together on critical technological issues such as data science, data lake, RBA (robotic process automation), blockchain, or machine learning.

The gross margin reached €13m in 2018 and the management forecasts strong growth for 2019.

The objective is to recruit news partners in the coming months to boost the development of Dubai and Indian activities.

Among strategic investments:

– The launch of new practice

– The development of new expertise like pricing or promoting

– New implementation in artificial intelligence

– Set up of a “data acceleration” program to accompany clients in their data and client transformation

This transaction is the last one realized by FPCI Trocadero Croissance & Transmission II, as of now entirely invested. The fund structured a mezzanine debt and invested in minority equity.

Trocadero Capital Partners is thrilled to engage in Equancy’s future development, and to support the firm in its future growth project.

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