2017 opens a new chapter for Eurogiciel: the group becomes Scalian. This new identity, together with a new logo, is reflecting the group’s international ambitions. Founded in 1989, Scalian is an independent consultancy firm specialized in engineering.

With its five subsidiaries, Etop International, Equert International, Eurogiciel Ingénierie, Evosys and Alyotech, the group intervenes through two core activities: Digital Systems and Operations Performance.

Scalian will be operating in 9 different countries this year, employing more than 2 200 people and generating €150m in Sales.

Yvan Chabanne, CEO of Scalian: “This unique brand will give us the means to strengthen our position as a key specialist, communicate clearly with our clients and to affirm our difference […]. By bringing us together under a common brand, Scalian, we want to show a federated identity and to affirm ourselves as a dynamic company ready to face tomorrow’s new business challenges.”